The Mary Orji Visionaries Collective


Ogbonné Mary Orji is a multi-instrumentalist creative shape shifter from Endicott, NY who is currently based in the NYC area. Her main voice can be heard from the tenor saxophone, poetry and composition. She is inspired musically and compositionally by the works of many artists such as Alice Coltrane and Grover Washington to name a few. Her music is to express her love for the higher power by evoking into the ancestors through fuses of poems with music, rhythm, freeness and tapping into the collective consciousness of the universe to bring healing and light to anyone that listens.

The extension of Ogbonné Mary Orji is found in her collective “The Mary Orji Visionaries Collective.” This collective was founded in Boston at Berklee College of Music while attending. This band has had a number of successes such as; releasing a visual album called CONCEPTION in 2022 and then recording their latest album PERCEPTION in 2023 (coming soon October.26.2023.) This collective has also been able to bring their Visual album to the Berklee Performance Center and turn it into a musical and having a sold out show. As well, the have had success in performing in one of the biggest Festivals in Boston called B.A.M.S Festival (2023) playing on the same stage as greats such as; GrandMaster Flash, Terri Lyne Carrington, and many more.
As a Berklee Graduate in Professional Music with concentrations in performance, music business and composition, Ogbonné utilizes all of her skills and is known for being a vital force as a band leader, creative director, and overall entertainer ; who writes music in all genres giving her collective a versatile sound. As a band leader, she pushes her collective to be their best selves and have opportunity to thrive and showcase and build their artistry through her compositions; performances and opportunities that arise.

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