JAZZIZ is an award winning publication which has grown to be the largest jazz publication in the world. Our magazine comes monthly along with 4 beautiful large quarterly print editions, each packaged with 2 limited-edition collector’s CDs, featuring the latest releases by the biggest names in jazz to new up-and-coming artists, in addition to 12 interactive monthly digital editions. Your monthly digital editions are delivered to your email, they are interactive so you can click on photos to launch a video or album covers to play a song. The quarterly print editions are mailed out in March, June, September and December with the 2 CDs inside (you get a total of 8 CDs a year). Whether you already love jazz or you’re interested in seeing and hearing the best jazz has to offer and the sophisticated culture of jazz, then you will love JAZZIZ magazine.

Q: What type of jazz do you cover?
A: We cover the music scene and all types of jazziz ranging from traditional to contemporary to bebop, more eclectic styles and even laid back smooth. We cover it all; we also cover other people, places and things that add to the jazz world and its culture. We have award-winning photography and design in the magazine, exclusive interviews with your favorite artists, reviews of everything that’s new, insightful and thought-provoking articles and a travel section usually featured around music. There’s something for every palette and every kind of jazz.

Q: Which artists appear on the JAZZIZ Discs?
A: We feature a wide range of artists, both old and new, on the discs. You’ll enjoy household names next to ones you might not have heard before. Previously discs have included music from legends Miles Davis, David Sanborn, John Coltrane, Dave Brubeck and Ella Fitzgerald to the introduction of newer artists like Diana Krall, Jamie Cullum, Norah Jones, Michael Buble and Queen Latifah.  Every track on the disc is reviewed in detail by our critically acclaimed writers and editors. Our subscribers enjoy that their routine supply of music featured on our discus introduces them to new music (or re-releases) by their favorite artists or up and coming great artists to look out for (and music to look into). JAZZIZ has become the tastemaker for a growing population of music and jazz lovers!

Q: Where is my magazine?
When you subscribe to JAZZIZ, you’re enrolled to receive the very NEXT issue in production. At times, new subscribers may sign up right after a print issue has already been served and the next print issue won’t arrive for at least two months. You will however get an eBlast letting you know when your monthly Digital Edition is “live” and ready to preview.


Issue Digital? Print? Expected Delivery
Expected Deliver
Jan ONLY NO Jan (email) Jan (email)
Feb ONLY NO Feb (email) Feb (email)
March / Spring YES YES APRIL (in mailbox) Email sent in March END OF MAY
April ONLY NO April (email) April (email)
May ONLY NO May (email) May (email)
June/Summer YES YES JULY (in mailbox) END OF AUGUST
July ONLY NO July (email) July (email)
Aug ONLY ONLY Aug (email) Aug (email)
September/ Fall YES YES OCTOBER (in Mailbox) Email sent in Sept END OF OCTOBER
October ONLY ONLY October (email) October (email)
November ONLY ONLY November (email) November (email)
December / Winter YES YES JANUARY (in mailbox) Email sent in December END OF JANUARY


Q: I’d like to subscribe. What is the cost?
A: A one-year subscription to JAZZIZ magazine is $59.95 for US subscribers. Your subscription includes 12 issues total: 4 print issues that each arrive with 2 CDs (8 CDs total) and 8 unique monthly Digital Editions. The print issues are also available as Digital Editions. A two-year subscription is $89.95. For Canadian Subscribers we charge an additional $10 in shipping PER YEAR and for anywhere else in the world we charge an additional $20 PER YEAR for International mail delivery.

Q: When does my subscription expire?
A: Depending on whether you subscribe for one or two years, you’ll receive all the issues you signed up for and an offer to renew before your expiration. If you don’t renew before you receive your fourth print issue (one-year subscription) or eighth print issue (two-year subscription), you risk lapsing or missing the next issue in production.

Q: I got a code for a special price. How do I use it?
A: Simply provide the code and the price you were offered if by phone. If online, there will be a pull-down or “promo box” to include the code.

Q: I got an offer that says you will send me CDs for free. What CDs do I get?
A:  The JAZZIZ ON DISCs are the Limited Edition Collectors CDs which we include with every print issue for subscribers-only. We archive extra JAZZIZ CDs in stock but they’re in limited supply. You’ll receive the number of CDs in the offer from our archives. See Which Artists Appear on the JAZZIZ Discs?

Q: Can I order now and you bill me later?
A: Because the print magazines come with CDs, we do not offer Bill Me’s with magazine/CD subscriptions. We do have is a monthly option in the US for $4.95 where you can cancel anytime! ($5.95 for Canada, $6.65 International)

Q: I have an order from Amazon to get the magazine what do I need to do.
A: Those orders get sent directly to our subscription fulfillment. For customer service we need your Amazon voucher number which is a combination of 13 letters and numbers. (Name, Address, Phone Number and Email)

Q: I got an offer for a two-year subscription for $89.95 and a t-shirt. How can I order?
A:  Call, email or mail. Be sure to include the size of the t-shirt you desire (S, M, L, XL or XXL)

Q: Can I just buy a t-shirt
A: Yes, they are $19.95 to order a t-shirt plus shipping and handling.

Q: I’d like to order a gift subscription for a friend.
A: With your renewal it’s only $10 to order a gift for a friend.

Q: Do you accept money orders or what are the forms of payment?
A: Yes we accept check, VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC and Money Orders or Bank Checks

Q: I’ve been having problems receiving my magazines.
A: Unfortunately, sometimes the USPS and foreign mail services do not guarantee delivery. If you’ve never received an issue check with our customer service to be sure we received your order. If this is intermittent or a chronic problem, and you are in our system, please contact your post office.

Q: Do you have a digital only edition?
A: We do have a Digital Edition only subscription. Please email service@jazziz.com to subscribe to this service.

Q: I’m an artist and I’d like to get my music reviewed or featured in JAZZIZ.
A: Please submit music for editorial consideration to JAZZIZ Editors, PO Box 880189 Boca Raton FL 33488.


PO BOX 880189, BOCA RATON FL 33488