Kick Up The Dust (Stavroz Sounds)

Stavroz’s ‘Kick Up The Dust’ EP: A Seamless Symphony of Harmonious Electronica

Belgium’s Stavroz has crafted a seamless and captivating musical journey with their latest EP, “Kick Up The Dust.” The band showcases their unique ability to blend diverse instruments and personalities into a harmonious fusion of acoustic-infused electronica.

“Kick Up The Dust” introduces a fresh wave of ideas, melodies, and tonalities. From Brazilian-sung vocals to jazzy duduk, the EP takes listeners on a warm and stripped-back journey, showcasing the band’s vibrant yet harmonious exchange. Stavroz likens their collaboration to a vehicle, with each member contributing a vital role, steering the band smoothly through the diverse musical landscape.

The title track exemplifies this smooth sailing ride, seamlessly transitioning from hard techno beats and wailing synths to Middle Eastern-inspired trumpets and percussions. The EP maintains a suave progression reminiscent of iconic bands like The Doors and Pink Floyd, presenting a collection of favourite ideas that effortlessly coalesce into a cohesive musical experience.

“Kick Up The Dust” flows gently, its overall mood elusive and open to experimentation. Stavroz embraces a lightly twisted approach, allowing for surprising elements to blend seamlessly. In “Dae El,” featuring Brussels-based producer Poltrock, ethereal synths and duduk create a trippy, spaced-out atmosphere, offering an easy listening experience with a touch of the surreal.

Collaborations play a pivotal role in the EP, with Brazilian singer Castello Branco lending his Sade-like vocals to the track “Valente.” The result is a lush lounge piece, combining rubbery scratches, acoustic guitar, and horn segments into a captivating blend of chill and empowerment. Stavroz highlights the fluid cooperation in these collaborations, emphasizing the importance of finding artists who share their vision.

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