Song of the Day: The Moore-McColl Jazz Society, “Up and Gone”

The Moore-McColl Jazz Society offer their unique interpretation of 1970s jazz organ/guitar combos with a 21st-century flair on their new album, Up and Gone.

Originating from Atlanta, Georgia, The Moore-McColl Jazz Society is guided by the collaborative synergy of organist/vocalist Beth Moore and guitarist/vocalist Chance McColl. Together, they offer a refreshing and genre-defying take on the classic sound of 1970s jazz organ/guitar combos, seamlessly blending it with a modern 21st-century flair. This innovative musical fusion takes center stage in their latest release, Up and Gone, meticulously recorded and engineered by Joey Jones at The Greenhouse Atlanta, and building upon the foundation set by their 2020 album, Electric Fantastic.

Moore and McColl’s commitment to carving out a unique space in the contemporary jazz landscape is evident in the album’s all-original eight-track program. Their refined songwriting partnership is showcased, highlighting a steadfast dedication to musical craftsmanship. Reflecting on the creative process, McColl expressed in a press release, “When Beth and I were composing this record, we realized it had much more of a ‘70s funk element than our first record… We wrote this record together. This gives the record a new voice.”

The title track, our selection, embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. The composition is enriched by a gritty groove and the use of a phaser on McColl’s guitar, which lends it an authentic 1970s vibe, as well as a standout trumpet solo by Caleb Lattimore. The marriage of these elements showcases the band’s ability to create a musical experience that transcends eras and captures the essence of both the past and the present.

Listen to “Up and Gone” by The Moore-McColl Jazz Society via the player below. Up and Gone is out now on Madison Records. Launch it here.

Featured photo courtesy of the artists.

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