When It All Comes Crashing Down

“When It All Comes Crashing Down”

(Oustide In Music)

Finding inspiration during challenging times can be difficult for any artist. But trumpeter and composer Tony Glausi rises to the occasion with his latest release, When It All Comes Crashing Down (Outside in Music), his music at once poignant and uplifting. The New York-based musician and educator assembled an excellent ensemble to help him realize his vision, which blends elements of jazz and chamber music in a rather personal way. The album also marks the first time Glausi has recorded his vocals, his intimate, moody delivery recalling another singing trumpeter, Chet Baker. The opening title track, a reimagined Tchaikovsky composition, has a cinematic feel, with Glausi’s echoey horn cresting a dramatic backdrop supplied by pianist Emmet Cohen, bassist Dan Chmielinski and drummer Bryan Carter. Glausi’s hushed vocals enter as the band picks up steam, the rhythmic changes cycling through different emotional states. Ambient street noise can be heard intermittently, adding yet another layer of drama and mystery.

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