Shades of Love


(Self Release)

With stars in her eyes, London-born vocalist Zoe Scott relocated to Rome at age 18, pursuing fame as an actress and singer-songwriter. She later moved to Los Angeles, where she established herself on the rock scene. Realizing that rock was limiting her artistic scope, Scott began to explore other genres. And when she heard Antonio Carlos Jobim’s music for the first time, she immediately felt a connection. That connection is warmly expressed on Shades of Love, Scott’s self-released album comprising bossa nova classics by Jobim, as well as a few pop and jazz standards performed in the bossa style. Wisely, she recruited some Brazilian-music experts for the session, including guitarist Torcuato Mariano, keyboardist Paulo Calasans, bassist Andre Vasconcelos and drummer Felipe Alves. And lending an imprimatur of authenticity, Jobim’s grandson, Daniel Jobim, takes the piano chair. Sweeping orchestration cushions Scott’s sultry, romantic read of “Wave,” a staple of the Jobim songbook. Sung in English, the bossa classic reveals Scott’s deep affinity with the genre.

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