Manifest Destiny



Formed in 1974, British fusion pioneers Brand X started as side project for guitarist John Goodsall and drummer Phil Collins (yes, that Phil Collins). The band made some truly progressive recordings, starting with 1976’s well-titled Unorthodox Behaviour. While band members rotated in and out of the band, Goodsall and bassist Percy Jones remained at the core of Brand X. The group’s final studio album, Manifest Destiny (Buckyball), was released in 1997 after a two-year hiatus, and includes contributions from vibraphonist Marc Wagnon. Once again, Brand X explored adventurous sonic terrain, utilizing various effects and samples with intriguing results. Jones’ hellacious bass groove underlines “Virus,” our selection, as Goodsall’s acid guitar lines filter in and out of the layered mix. Keyboardist Franz Pusch, who co-wrote the song with Goodsall, and Wagnon, on midi vibes, also provide plenty of color.

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