Track By Track: Lindsey Webster, “A Woman Like Me”

Singer/songwriter Lindsey Webster affirms her allure as both vocalist and composer on arguably her most personal album yet. A Woman Like Me, out now via Shanachie Entertainment, feels like her declaration of her evolution as both an artist and a woman, illustrated via eleven songs, ten of which are original compositions. The new LP musically draws on a wide range of styles – including jazz, R&B, rock, pop and beyond. It also testifies to her strong creative partnership with pianist/producer Keith Slattery and features such notable guests as Vinnie Colaiuta, Nathan East and Luis Conte, among many others.

We asked Webster to take us through each of the tracks on A Woman Like Me, to find out more about the inspiration behind each song and some of the work that went into the making of the new album.

“Feels Like Forever”

This is definitely one of those vibe songs. We chose it as the first song because it really set the mood for the entire album.


“Close To You”

This is an upbeat song about being so in love that you cannot wait to get back to that person’s side. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs on the album in terms of all the backgrounds and the harmonies that we put on this one.


“Only You”

The most ethereal song on the album is definitely “Only You.” I always love to have those kinds of songs that are really dreamy and bring you to another place. For me “Only You” is that track.


“One Step Forward”

For me, this is the catchiest song on the record. I had originally written a completely different chorus for this song but my partner Keith Slattery suggested that I use the very opening line of the song as the chorus. At first I thought that was crazy but then it really made the entire song.



The composition “Perspective” is about hope and optimism and being able to adjust your focus to your goals. It is very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and lose our grasp on what our real dreams are. So “Perspective” is about kind of reining that in and getting it together and taking advantage of the moment.


“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Keith and I have been performing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” together since our first gig together in 2009. We started playing it regularly with our bands at shows and there was just a great reaction from so many different people who connect to it on different levels. After so many requests we finally put it on an album. This is the first cover that we have ever put on record. I hope that you think that we did it justice.


“Always Love Me”

There’s always that one song that almost didn’t make the album. For this one, it’s “Always Love Me.” It has now turned into one of my favorite songs because I am very proud of the way it came out. We were not quite sure where it would fit in with the other songs but once we put the album order together it fit just perfectly to almost end the album.


“The Unknown”

This happens to be the very first song that was written for the album. Keith had sent me a few ideas and this was one of the very first ones that popped out to me. I love this song so much. I wrote it in a time when I was going through a major change and had a lot of fear of the unknown. I was able to recognize that and put it into these lyrics. I hope you enjoy it.



This is one of the deeper songs on the album for me personally. I wrote it at a time when I felt each day was cloudy in my own mind. It is also an acknowledgment that I’ve also got to keep in mind that there are going to be blue skies and the sun will shine again.


“A Woman Like Me”

The title track “A Woman Like Me” is definitely on a more serious note. Its a reflection on a woman’s own self and recognizing all the ups and downs that we as women can face. Men can face them too but since I happen to be a woman this is how it came out. The song reflects that some days I am great and some days I am horrible and asks, “Can you handle all of that?” I hope you can!


“Running Around”

I love this song. It has so much sass and spunk and it is very sarcastic. It was definitely a lot of fun working on the lyrics and having that attitude for this song!

To find out more about Lindsey Webster and her latest release, visit her online.

Featured photo courtesy of Shanachie Entertainment.

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