Track By Track: E. Scott Lindner, “In Flowers Through Space”

E. Scott Lindner released his ambitious new album, In Flowers Through Space, on February 28 via Ropeadope’s Infinity Gritty imprint. This is a conceptual album based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, a spiraling mathematical formula seen in the flower petals and historically associated with beauty. The tracks mimic the sequence by increasing the number of classical and jazz musicians on each song, which was entirely composed in the studio collaboratively using tone poems written by Lindner and provided to the musicians on the day of the recording session. Presented below are the exact tone poem descriptions for each track.


Room “hum” only.



It’s open! But should be sparse and very introductory. Or no?



Uptempo. Determined to succeed in a new life, ambitious and naive. Movement, Anxiety, Excitement. Beginning a long journey into vigor.



An amazingly beautiful sunny day at the renaissance fair, a knight, freshly back from a long journey of pain and despair spots a lady picking fresh fruit from the market. The moment and feeling of that split second when all things stop and hope returns.



Driving on a beautiful summer day through the streets of new york, only to realize you are actually in space. Mix of organic and non-organic.  Think Steel meets Cedar, Water meets Brick, Animals get hit by a car but walk away happy. 



Cuban feel, dancing at a late-night party, Latin *ish. Not overly Latin, just hints!



Part 1* Lovers unite for a head nodding paradise. Psychedelic lovers for peace, acid dreams! *end part 1. Part 2* Almost as though we have given up on the idea of finding a new home. Been stuck in space for too long, and hope is starting to fade, tired, lonely, afraid, and desperate. 



Think Modern Dancer Running around on a cold Beach on a far away planet with loose silk clothing, which is floating around in the high winds and cold breeze.  Many moons ago, yet many moons from now! Is it dusk or dawn?



Willy Wonka and James Bond float through the unknown universe on a magical journey of discovery and dreams.

To find out more about E. Scott Lindner and his new album, visit him online.

Featured photo by Dennis Cahlo.

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