Like Marc Wagnon, for whose Buckyball label he records, guitarist Jake Hertzog takes inspiration from science and nature. He’s titled albums Chromatosphere, Patterns and Beyond the Standard Model, this last a collection of highly individualized interpretations of jazz standards that takes its name from physicists pondering the nature of dark matter and energy. And then there was his 2011 release, Evolution, which seems to apply Darwinian principals to the development of jazz guitar for the 21st century. A graduate of Berklee College of Music with a master’s degree from the Manhattan School of Music, Hertzog knows the components of what he’s reconstructing. He was also savvy enough to trio up with jazz veterans Harvie S on bass and Victor Jones on drums, both of whom are more than comfortable in the fusion realm, as heard on “Timeline,” included here. A jaunty, dance-club-influenced rhythm provides a launchpad for Hertzog’s sonic explorations.

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