Théo Girard – “30YearsFrom”

Théo Girard, “30YearsFrom,” from 30YearsFrom

“30YearsFrom” is the title track from a new album by bassist Théo Girard. The song features only three instruments — bass, trumpet and drums. Despite the pared-down setting, however, the tune is a marvel of musical engineering. A drumbeat by Seb Rochford provide’s the song’s core. It’s a loose yet well-chiseled groove, combining the raw explosiveness of stadium rock with the languid fluidity of West Coast jazz. It’s also the perfect vehicle for the tune’s melody, declaimed with punchy articulation by trumpeter Antoine Berjeaut. Girard’s bass enters into the mix as a kind of sonic counterweight. It’s thick and aggressive, yet agile enough to be everywhere at once. At times it moves in tandem with Berjeaut’s melodic line, adding heft and shadow. Elsewhere, it runs in direct counterpoint, generating heat through musical friction. That all these components snap together so seamlessly is a testament to Girard’s skill as a composer. The song is catchy. You’ll be singing it long after the last note has sounded.

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