German-born guitar virtuoso Markus Reuter has developed a signature style that involves his use of “touch” playing on a specially crafted eight-string instrument. Not unlike Stanley Jordan, Reuter employs a method in which strings are tapped or pressed into the fret board, creating sonic resonances that ring and sustain in ways that differ from fingerpicking (although he does that, too) or using a plectrum. However, the 47-year-old guitarist’s music would not be mistaken for Jordan’s, as made quite plain on his recent trio album Truce (MoonJune). Allying himself with Italian bassist Fabio Trentini and Israeli-born, U.K.-based drummer Asaf Sirkis, Reuter evinces a heavy fusion sound frequently reminiscent of the genre’s 1970s heyday. The moody and atmospheric “Swoonage,” included here, showcases the guitarist’s textural depths, his feedback-laden strings drawing on deep emotional resources as Trentini and Sirkus maintain an ominous rhythmic foundation.

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