Song of the Day: Steve Oliver, “Sojourn”

Top contemporary jazz artist Steve Oliver recently released his second solo album, Sojourn.

Multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Steve Oliver has consistently been one of the top artists on the contemporary jazz scene for well over 25 years. His new full-length project, Sojourn, released on November 11, marks his second solo guitar album and offers a program of new compositions, as well as fresh reinterpretations of songs from his past. Among them, a dreamlike and transportive take on the title track, which you can hear via the player below.

Sojourn was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs. The purity of this approach and the intimacy of this setting shines a light on Oliver’s compositional prowess, providing insight to his creative process. It also highlights his masterful touch through his quietly innovative use of electronics, which enhances the aural experience of each track with textures, sounds and colors.

As Oliver himself puts it via a press release: “When you listen to the Sojourn album, you will hear what sounds like an orchestra, piano, sitar and electronic elements. But each song is played completely live with only one guitar, no other instrumenta are used.” Specifically, the album was recorded live at his California studio with no overdubs.

“My guitars are Midi, ones that I helped develop with the Kiesel Guitars luthiers,” he further explains. “The NS1 and SH575 Midi, are an important part of my guitar sound. Triggering multiple sounds at the same time when I am recording my compositions adds layers of color and texture to each piece of music I write.”

Steve Oliver’s new album, Sojourn, was released on November 11 and you can order it HERE.

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