Song of the Day: Kurt Drabek, “Cuba Baion”

Easy listening music is generally seen as dull and associated with places where one would not expect to discover exciting music, such as supermarkets and elevators. Yet, the fact that not much information is available about so much of it that was released in the ’40s-’60s period makes coming across an irresistible tune such as this pretty alluring. “Cuba Baion” is a Latin-tinged orchestral composition by German accordionist/bandleader Kurt Drabek, which apparently first appeared in a 1957 album titled Auf den Flügeln bunter Träume. What is also interesting to note is that many years later, the song enjoyed some popularity when it was included on a Techmoan video about the Tefifon, a German audio-playback format that lasted from the ’40s to the ’60s.

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