Song of the Day: Barry Coates, Jimmy Haslip and Jerry Kalaf, “Before”

Like-minded veterans Barry Coates, Jimmy Haslip and Jerry Kalaf join forces on a sparkling new trio collaboration.

Guitarist Barry Coates, bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer Jerry Kalaf are three like-minded veterans who have joined forces on a new ethereal recording. Aptly titled New Dreams, their full-length trio collaboration was released on July 29 via Outside In Music. Sonic experimentation and melodic soundscapes are at the heart of this project, the music of which ranges from the sweepingly cinematic to the pensive and introspective. The result is truly transportive; a multi-textured exploration of sound and space that testifies to the chemistry shared by the three acclaimed artists and the expressive potential of improvised music at large.

“Before,” an effervescent ambient jazz fusion piece, feels like one of the most representative tracks of New Dreams and is positioned at the heart of the record’s program. Coates, whose expressive and melodic approach is renowned, delicately layers joyful guitar and synth moods over Haslip and Kalaf’s sporadic soft bursts of rhythm and percussive accentuations. An impressionistic gem with an attentive sense of evocation, “Before” is a shimmering rainbow that conjures up a sense of liberation and flight. Alternately, it can be viewed as music designed as an antidote against the tumultuousness of present times.

Barry Coates, Jimmy Haslip and Jerry Kalaf’s album, New Dreams, is out now on Outside In Music. Order it here.

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