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Welcome to the JAZZIZ Podcast. This is our new series of podcast conversations, hosted by JAZZIZ Online Editor Matt Micucci and featuring some of the best artists of today’s jazz and creative music scene. Many of these artists are part of JAZZIZ Vinyl Club, our series of limited-edition color vinyl albums curated by the JAZZIZ Editors, featuring some of the most exciting jazz artists from yesterday and today that we cover in the print version of JAZZIZ, our website and these podcasts.

In today’s episode of the JAZZIZ Podcast, we’re joined by the esteemed vocalist Ryan DeHues. Our conversation delves into his latest musical release, Private Parlour, a collaborative effort with the French duo Double Francoise. This album has been resonating across the airwaves worldwide, captivating audiences with its rich fusion of bossa nova, jazz, pop, electro, lounge and the French chanson tradition.

DeHeus provides intriguing insights into the project, discussing the atmospheric influence of the recording locations and his first foray into lyric writing, as showcased within the record’s program and its original compositions. Beyond exploring Private Parlour, we delve into DeHues’ personal journey and artistic development, including his profound admiration for influential figures like the legendary Pat Boone, whose impact helped shape his early career, and his profound passion for music in all its forms.

Listen to our JAZZIZ Podcast conversation with Ryan DeHues via the player below. His latest album with Double Francoise, Private Parlour (Bossa Vibes), is available now. Order it here. And if you love jazz and vinyl, check out our carefully curated series of vinyl compilations, JAZZIZ Vinyl Club!

Featured photo courtesy of the artist.

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