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Welcome to the JAZZIZ Podcast. This is our new series of podcast conversations, hosted by JAZZIZ Online Editor Matt Micucci and featuring some of the best artists of today’s jazz and creative music scene. Many of these artists are part of JAZZIZ Vinyl Club, our series of limited-edition color vinyl albums curated by the JAZZIZ Editors, featuring some of the most exciting jazz artists from yesterday and today that we cover in the print version of JAZZIZ, our website and these podcasts.

In this episode, we have the pleasure of sharing a conversation with the talented and virtuosic guitarist Roberto Restuccia. Hailing from Britain, Restuccia has already turned heads with his previous albums, including Exposure from 2016, When the Smoke Clears from 2017 and With Every Turn from 2021. In his latest release, Lounge Katz, Restuccia takes us on a captivating journey into the realm of smooth jazz, helped by some high-octane guest collaborators, including Greg Manning, Mel Brown and Eric Valentine, to name but a few.

During our conversation, Restuccia emphasizes the fusion of different styles and genres that have influenced his musical palette. We delve into the origins of his interest in jazz and explore the diverse sources that inspire his creative process. It becomes evident that Restuccia’s music transcends easy categorization, offering a unique and personal expression that sets him apart from conventional labels.

Listen to our JAZZIZ Podcast conversation with Roberto Restuccia via the player below. Restuccia’s latest album, Lounge Katz, is available now. Order it here. And if you love jazz and vinyl, be sure to check out our carefully-curated series of vinyl compilations, JAZZIZ Vinyl Club!

Featured photo courtesy of the artist.

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