Resonance Records to release “Sarah Vaughan – Live at Rosy’s” on March 25


Resonance Records will release Sarah Vaughan – Live at Rosy’s with the cooperation of National Public Radio (NPR) on March 25. This is a 2-CD set of newly discovered recordings documenting a live performance that took place in New Orleans’ iconic jazz club on May 31, 1978. The album features pianist Carl Shroeder, bassist Walter Booker and drummer Jimmy Cobb, with whom the vocalist performed hundreds of concerts all over the world.


In February 2011, Tim Owens, former producer of NPR’s weekly syndicated radio program Jazz Alive!, connected with Resonance producer Zev Feldman and told him he had tapes of this concert. Over the course of four years, Feldman tracked down all the appropriate parties to ensure that this release would be fully endorsed and cleared by the Sarah Vaughan estate, by Booker’s widow Bertha Hope, by the living band members Schroeder and Cobb and by NPR.


Sarah Vaughan – Live at Rosy’s includes nearly 90 minutes of music from NPR’s series then dedicated to showcasing live jazz performances by elite jazz stars, Jazz Alive!, some of which has never been previously broadcast, along with a 36-page book, and is presented in a 6-panel digi-pak designed by Burton Yount. The album book also features a collection of rare photos by Herman Leonard, Ray Avery,Chuck Stewart, Riccardo Schwamenthal and Tom Copi, as well as ephemera from Rosy’s Jazz Club at the time these recordings were made.


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