Secrets of Inanna

“Prima Materia”

(Mack Avenue)

With a nod to the hyper-cool jazz fusion of the 1980s, pianist Connie Han has released Secrets of Inanna on Mack Avenue Music. The album, which takes its name from an ancient Sumerian goddess, seems duly inspired by the electro-acoustic stylings of Chick Corea, Gary Burton and others of the Return to Forever ilk. The album is a winning showcase for Han, who proves just how gifted she can be behind an electric piano or Fender Rhodes. A clear standout is “Prima Materia,” our selection, which derives much of its energy from the tension between a stepwise acoustic bass motif (laid down by the meticulous John Patitucci) and Han’s fluid chord work. Drummer Bill Wysaske (who also composed the tune) is a stellar timekeeper, making it all the more magical when flutist Katisse Buckingham weaves herself in and out of the song’s rhythmic swirl.

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