Rondi Charleston 24 summer 2009 jazziz Mark O’Connor by Jim McGuire; Grace Kelly by Jimmy Katz Rondi Charleston possesses not only sparkling, seasoned vocal chops, but impeccable taste, as well. The composers she elegantly interprets on her new CD/DVD In My Life (Emmamuse) include the likes of MoraesJobim, Rodgers-Hart, Mercer-Kern and, on the title track, Lennon-McCartney. Undaunted by such company, Charleston, who was an investigative reporter for ABC’s Primetime Live, and pianist-arranger Bruce Barth add some fine selections of their own, including the keenly yearning “Telescope,” which we’ve included here. The singer calls up the wonder of discovery, seeking knowledge from star gazers such as Copernicus and Galileo, as well as from Greek myths, fairy tales and poems. Her daughter Emma not only inspired the subject, but joins her mom on the African chant that opens and closes the song. OnDisc For more information regarding this and more than 100 other JAZZIZ discs available for purchase, go to Pianist Lynne Arriale put together an exceptional backing band for her new recording. Trumpeter Randy Brecker, bassist George Mraz and drummer Anthony Pinciotti lend vibrant colors and subtle shadings on Arriale’s aptly titled Nuance: The Bennett Studio Sessions (Motéma). Brecker’s mellow brass proves a perfect match for Arriale’s bright melodic approach, whether they’re evoking the mysterious alchemy of Sting’s “Wrapped Around Your Finger,” flexing bop muscles on Monk’s “I Mean You,” which also provides a workout for the ever-ready rhythm section, or calling up the deep wistfulness of “Ballad of the Sad Young Men,” which gives Mraz a chance to shine with a typically moving and minimalistic solo. The recording concludes with Arriale’s “A Gentle Soul,” which, conversely, begins our disc.