Noshir Mody – “Secrets In the Wood and Stone”

Noshir Mody, “The Secrets In Wood and Stone,” from A Burgeoning Consciousness 

“Guitarist Noshir Mody’s involvement and dedication to producing music with true power is total, and his players are all cut from that same cloth; this is music that will stand the test of time — and survive,” says Dick Metcalf of Contemporary Fusion Reviews. The guitarist’s album A Burgeoning Consciousness is indeed a mighty disc, one that harnesses the powers of clear melody and sturdy groove to create music that moves your heart and mind alike.

“The Secrets In the Wood and Stone” is an engaging track that starts with a quiet hum and builds toward a towering conclusion. Moments of high energy are interspersed with pockets of serene calm, making for a thrilling listen from beginning to end.

Feature image courtesy the artist

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