Karel Van Deun

Zij ziet het zonnige (bwaa.)

In 1993, health problems forced Belgian guitarist Karel Van Deun to give up his future as a professional musician. 11 years later, having some time off work, he bought himself a cheap microphone and recorder and played his guitar in the attic from morning to evening. The result was ‘Zij ziet het zonnige’ (‘She sees the sunny side’): a very sober, solo guitar album with only sparse overdubs. Unfortunately, the record never found a release until it fell into the hands of the small, independent record label bwaa. 15 years after being recorded, the album finally found its first release.

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Karel Van Deun - guitar

Track Listing

  1. Ballade pour ma femme
  2. Warme streken
  3. The guitar
  4. Kleinood in D groot
  5. Slaapliedje voor grote mensen
  6. Daisy
  7. Feathers I
  8. Feathers II
  9. Isch holidays
  10. Comes from the SU
  11. Ballade van de valse snaren
  12. AT-Latijn

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