Kenne Thomas K-TET


Drummer, Kenne Thomas brings his group, Kenne Thomas K-TET to the scene with their album, YESTERDAYS. A well-travelled drummer, Kenne honed his skills in the grinding jazz organ trios, hard bop jazz groups and progressive fusion bands of Chicago. Early he spent time as a roadie for Elvin Jones. The many genres in which he is skilled, came from a wide range of experiences. K-TET is comprised of jazz musicians from around the country who display their skills with fire and zest. The up-front saxophone/trombone lineup, with trumpet sometimes echoes the spirit of the Art Blakey.

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Rich Manik - Saxophones
Dave Graf - Trombone
Solomon Parham - Trumpet
Javier Santiago - Piano
Ted Olsen - Acoustic Bass
Kenne Thomas - Drumset
Lila Ammons - Vocals

Track Listing

  1. Bouncy
  2. Illinois Central (The IC)
  3. I'll Be There With You (Vocal)
  4. Frankfurt-am-Main
  5. The Plugged Nickel
  6. Osaka Blues
  7. Yesterdays (Vocal)

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