Worldview (Insound (indie))

Avataar is inspired by the deep musical traditions of India, Africa and Brazil and rooted within a framework of modern jazz. In an innovative marriage of ancient and modern, driving grooves intersect with cinematic atmospheres and soaring melodies, creating a fresh sonic experience. Influenced by artists including Shakti, Jarrett, Oregon, Jan Garbarek, Enya, Robert Glasper, and Ornette Coleman, the music at its core is imbued with a spiritual focus that transcends its sound. The award-winning group is developing a Ntl. and Intl. reputation beyond local festival and club dates, after successful tours of Western Canada and South Africa.

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Sundar Viswanathan (alto/sop saxes, bansuri, vocals)
Felicity Williams (vocals)
Michael Occhipinti (guitar)
Justin Gray (bass)
Ravi Naimpally (tabla)
Special Guests: Aaron Lightstone (oud); Todd Pentney (Fender Rhodes, piano, synth)

Track Listing

  1. 1) Worldview
  2. 2) Ekkriis Spirito (reclaimed spirit)
  3. 3) Chrysalis (emergence)
  4. 4) Innocents (12/14/12)
  5. 5) Song Song
  6. 6) Blue as it ever was
  7. 7) A Safe Space for Children (for all)
  8. 8) Little Kurdi (for Alan Kurdi)

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