Jamale Davis

“… Who Can Contain Us.” (Gut String Records)

Born in Newark (raised in Irvington/ cultivated in both) New Jersey, Jamale Davis started started studying bass in 2003 (with no prior musical experience) as a means of actively understanding what it takes to express oneself via the art of Jazz, the music he’s loved. Developing a rather authentic approach inspired by the harmonic efforts of the swing to bebop idiom, Jamale- via his four self-funded leader recordings- presents a refreshing outlook on creating a unique bass voice, walking bass lines and arco technique and interesting repertoire that invigorates forgotten music…

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Stefano Doglioni, Bass Clarinet
Stephen Riley, Tenor Saxophone
John Mosca, Trombone
Charles Goold, Drums
Jamale Davis, Double Bass

Track Listing

  1. Whispered Tradition (C. Byars)
  2. Sweet Blanche (G. Wallington)
  3. Janitor With Stamina (J.Davis)
  4. Taste Like Chicken (N. Goold)
  5. Flight Of The Humble Bee (B. Harris)
  6. 186 Butler Street (N. Saidi)
  7. Everybody Loves A Clean Floor! (J. Davis)
  8. Double Clutching ( C. Israels)

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz



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