Tia Brazda

When I Get Low (Flatcar Records)

One of Canada’s most recognizable voices in jazz, TIA BRAZDA delves into the past with her new album WHEN I GET LOW. Officially out May 27th on Flatcar Records, it finds her rediscovering songs from the Great American Songbook. These songs were chosen as Brazda connected organically with them throughout the pandemic, and were recorded all remotely, from snowy Northern Ontario to sunny New Orleans. Thematically, the album appears at first dystopian, but is ultimately uplifting; dreamy and nostalgic with a dash of grit. Brazda has performed around the world including at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

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Track Listing

  1. 1 Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall (feat. Alex Bird)
  2. 2 Lullaby of the Leaves
  3. 3 When I Get Low, I Get High
  4. 4 A Kiss to Build a Dream On
  5. 5 Smile
  6. 6 Easy Living
  7. 7 I Don’t Want to Set the World On Fire
  8. 8 When the World Stops
  9. 9 I’ll Be Seeing You

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz