Chris Walker

“We’re In This Love Together – Celebrating Al Jarreau” (CCW Global, Inc.)

Born and raised in Houston TX, Chris Walker got his start in the church as a member of his family gospel group, The Walker Brothers. Graduating from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, he then attended the New School of Jazz in NYC, soon becoming musical director for Regina Belle and jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman. Chris also enjoyed a successful solo career with Pendulum Records before embarking on a 20+ year career as bassist and vocalist with the late music legend, Al Jarreau. His new album is “We’re In This Love Together Celebrating Al Jarreau.”

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Produced by Chris Walker & Larry Williams
Recorded at Sonic Ranch, Gerardo 'Jerry Ordonez (Engineer) / GSI Studio, Josh Giunta (Engineer) & Jason Rostkowski (Assistant Engineer) / KTSU Recording Studio, Sinclair Ridley, (Engineer) / Big Surprise Music, Carmen Grillo (Engineer) / United Recording, Monique Evelyn (Engineer), Andrew Hey (Engineer), Harvey Mason Jr. (Engineer) / Media Studio, Jochem Van der Saag & Dustin Higgins (Additional Engineers)
Mixed by Steve Sykes
Mixed by Mick Guzauski at Barking Doctor Studio (08)
Mastering: Bernie Grundman

Track Listing

  1. Al Jarreau Message
  2. Mornin' (written by Al Jarreau, Jay Graydon & David Foster)
  3. Breakin' Away (written by Al Jarreau, Jay Graydon & Tom Canning)
  4. Roof Garden (written by Al Jarreau, Jay Graydon & Tom Canning)
  5. We Got By (written by Al Jarreau)
  6. Save Me (written by Al Jarreau, Jay Graydon & David Foster)
  7. We're In This Love Together (written by Keith Stegall & Roger Murrah)
  8. Alonzo (written by Al Jarreau)
  9. Agua De Beber (written by Carlos Antonio Jobim & Vinicius De Moraes)
  10. Not Like This (written by Jeremy Lubbock)
  11. Take Five (written by Paul Desmond)
  12. I Will Be Here For You (written by Richard Page, Steve George & John Lang)
  13. After All (written by Al Jarreau, Jay Graydon & David Foster)
  14. Flame (written by Al Jarreau, Andrew Ford & Larry Williams)
  15. Spain (written by Chick Corea, Al Jarreau, Artie Maren & Joaquin Rodrigo Vidre)
  16. Phenomenon (written by Chris Walker & Darryl Tookes)
  17. Jarreau (written by Chris Walker)

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