The Peanuts Gang Trio

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From the city of Reno, The Peanuts Gang Trio is a hip new band specializing in writing and playing jazz roots music. The trio gained popularity performing Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” music during the winter holiday seasons. After carefully studying Guaraldi’s compositions, the Gang was able to develop a polished traditional sound and transitioned into a full-time band. The Gang’s style is distinctly vintage resembling a lot of the music recorded in the Bay Area during the 1960s. Their playful personality forces listeners to smile until their cheeks hurt. Travel back in time with The Peanuts Gang Trio!

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Chris Sexton - piano and vocals
Mac Esposito - bass
Greg Lewis - drums

Track Listing

  1. Saint Duke
  2. Festa Na Piscina
  3. Always Believe
  4. Hot Date
  5. Snowflake Dance
  6. The Coolest Kid on the Playground

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