Stephen Godsall

We could fix everything (Jazz'halo)

Stephen Godsall has a growing reputation as composer/instrumentalist; his 2020 album “Atlantic Skies” was described as “inordinately enjoyable” with “beautiful resonating depths” by Sammy Stein in JazzViews Here he plays electric and acoustic nylon strung guitars and three tracks feature subtle use of jazz ukulele, sounding like a highly strung guitar with Celtic heritage The album fizzes with ideas; “Poetic off-licence” is a homage to the bard of Bolton, Hovis Presley “We could fix everything” is a fiery riposte to the climate crisis with haunting piccolo recalling Ennio Morricone “Don’t look down” urges listeners to “forget the future”.

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Sara Harris, vocals
Steve Waterman, trumpet, flugelhorn
Sarah Bolter, flute
Mike Hall, tenor and soprano saxes, bass clarinet, wind synth
Diane Annear, piccolo
Joe Limburn, double bass
Sarah Abbott, baritone sax
Ian Ellis, tenor sax on track 10
Andrew Godsall, drums
Stephen Godsall, guitars, bass guitar, ukulele, organ, percussion
Cover photo by Ria Sopala
All tracks composed and produced by Stephen Godsall

Track Listing

  1. 1.Postcard
  2. 2.We could fix everything
  3. 3.Mr Thomas
  4. 4.Expresso bongo
  5. 5.It will get brighter
  6. 6.Five rivers met on a wooded plain
  7. 7.Don't look down
  8. 8.Eryri
  9. 9.Poetic off-licence
  10. 10.The last hillwalker
  11. 11.The new me

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