Andre Hayward - Chris Jones

Way Back Home (NA)

Andre Hayward is an extremely gifted trombonist with the sound and clarity reminiscent of the late J J Johnson His gospel-tinged approach is refreshing and will warm the hearts of anyone he comes in contact with.

Chris began playing electric bass at age 13, and then transitioned to the upright bass for his school jazz band and orchestra a year later His studies took him to the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and then New School University in New York City.

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Andre Hayward - Trombone

Chris Jones - Bass

Gene Centeno - Alto/Tenor Saxophones

Damian Garcia - Piano

Tom Brechtlein - Drums

Track Listing

  1. Way Back Home
  2. Faded Regrets
  3. Tricrotism
  4. Sonnet for Lady B
  5. Bird Lives
  6. Remedios the Beauty
  7. Dre's Blues

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