Andree-Ann Deschenes

Wanderings (Independent)

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Wanderings is a collection of seven new piano works written for Andree-Ann Deschenes by Cassio Vianna, Jasnam Daya Singh, Bianca Gismonti, Jovino Santos Neto, Kerry Politzer, Carmen Sandim, and André Mehmari.

Each piece is its own musical space to be explored, each one of them waiting for you to wander around, and maybe stay for a bit.


Andanças composed by Cassio Vianna

Chardi Kala composed by Jasnam Daya Singh

Two Moons composed by Bianca Gismonti

Naiad Oshun composed by Jovino Santos Neto

Microclimates composed by Kerry Politzer

Amanhecer ao Entardecer composed by Carmen Sandim

Tanguinho composed by André Mehmari

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