John Bruce Wallace aka jacewbal

Waiting Fot The Rapture OR Pancake Breakfast (Waving Bye Records)

John Bruce Wallace is a free-jazz solo performer interested in freely improvised music with a focus on generating extended sound statements within the options afforded through solo performance. An acknowledged, accomplished guitar virtuoso working to create a new voice for the electric guitar, creating a new approach to the instrument he invented a new technique of playing while continuously changing the pitch of his electric guitar, in free improvisation, he revamped the modern guitar tradition and, using the technical possibilities of his instrument, transferred it into an individual sound language.

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John Bruce Wallace solo improvised electric guitar

Track Listing

  1. The Summons Call From The Depths
  2. Alligated Allocutions
  3. A Magnetic Clip Of Time
  4. Whispers Alluding To Quests Of Valor
  5. his Could Be Heaven Or This Could Be Hell

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz