VOLT (SOMAA, Naïve Records)

VOLT by LAAKE: A Dazzling Journey of Resilience and Creativity

LAAKE’s latest release, VOLT, is a hypnotic masterpiece born from an unexpected and electrifying experience. Following a violent electric shock, originally meant to inspire a solo piano album, LAAKE’s imagination took a haunting turn, leading to an album that captivates with its intensity and artistry.

From the first notes, LAAKE’s piano mastery stands out – his lightning-fast and precise touch transforms the act of playing into a mesmerizing experience, transporting listeners to a dynamic realm far beyond traditional concert halls. This distinctive style, honed through years of passionate engagement with the piano, is rooted in a deep appreciation for its percussive potential.
While the piano remains central to LAAKE’s musical journey, his exploration of its percussive nature has propelled him into diverse soundscapes, from electronic collaborations to orchestral performances. VOLT, a project involving ten musicians from various musical backgrounds, showcases a rich tapestry of piano, strings, brass, and percussion, achieving a multi-dimensional sonic universe.

Despite its orchestral grandeur, VOLT introduces elements of pop, with trap-style sub-bass and vocals, and structured tracks featuring verses, choruses, and bridges. This shift, while grand in scale, ensures an accessible musical journey. LAAKE’s willingness to break boundaries and redefine genres has breathed new life into classical music, earning him acclaim for his innovative approach. The concept of electricity, sparked by LAAKE’s personal encounter with it, became a driving force behind the album. Rejecting the confines of conventional concepts, LAAKE harnessed the power of electricity to infuse every track with vitality. The rebellious spirit of rock further energizes the music, amplifying drums and percussion to evoke a sense of defiance.

Throughout the album, contrasts and tension play a pivotal role, as opposing forces collide, painting vivid sonic portraits. VOLT stands not only as a dazzling musical journey but also as a testament to the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. LAAKE’s ability to turn a traumatic experience into a powerful source of inspiration is nothing short of extraordinary.

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