Voices of the Spirit (Chap Chap Records (Japan))

from Guy Sitruk and Citizen Jazz:
“Rick Countryman frees himself from all attachments and challenges gravity. The pleasure of finding the sorcerer Sabu Toyozumi? Yong Yandsen’s catalytic effect? The affirmed emancipation of Simon Tan? …The fact remains that this convergence makes the creativity and expressiveness of Rick Countryman’s speech fly high.”

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Sabu Toyozumi (drums, erhu), Simon Tan(acoustic bass), Rick Countryman (alto sax), Yong Yandsen(tenor sax)

Track Listing

  1. Voices Of The Spirit 18:34
  2. Unity Of Opposites 21:28
  3. Cosmic Breath 09:40

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz