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Vida Mia (abc)

Curricculum of professor Roberto Rutigliano (instrument: drums) Roberto Rutigliano is a drummer, composer and producer of projects related to Tango, Brazilian music, Jazz, Latin and concert music. Born in Argentina and living in Rio de Janeiro for over 30 years, he also develops a didactic, educational activity and writes articles related to artistic and musical making. He currently works on the jazz project “Afro Coltrane” with musicians like Nivaldo Ornelas on sax, Marcelo Magalhães Pinto on keyboard, Didac Thiago on percussion and Sergio Barrozo on double bass In parallel with Caio Marcio Santos (guitar).

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My friends, I am here sending you the discription of my history and of my new project. This work is being launched in Rio de Janeiro and it gethers some of the most experienced people in brazilian instrumental Music.

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In the middle 90’s, the drummer Roberto Rutigliano was launching the First album of a trilogy of his Xererê band, claimed by the critics as one of the most briliant projects of the carioca instrumental Music scene. In 2017 he launches “Miles and Coltrane Music” and “Tango Jazz”, but his debut with the copyrighted disc “Sotaques” arrived only in 2018. Now in 2019, he comes back to launch a new album by Warner Champell Brasil called “Vida Mia”.
His “easy going” way of building the rhythmic foundation, combined with a great deal of strenght and passion, his melodic emhancement, gethered with his intuitive ways, putting his personal mark in very well known songs, has made Roberto one of the best in the world of instrumental music both in Brazil and Argentina.
Born in Buenos Aires, out of an italian family, the distinct style of Rutigliano’s drums reflects his new and old influences. In his youth, he spent years listening to Weather Report, Astor Piazzolla, Irakere,Enrique Villegas, Miles Davis and Tom Jobim. He started to play bombo legüero at eight and by the age of fourteen he started to play in Wilde groups (his childhood neighborhood); his parents were always listening to Tango, Jazz, and popular argentinian Music.
He studied in Argentina together with Alejandro Varela; he studied in Berklee College of Music couraces and together with Antonio Yepez he started studying Classic drums; in Boston he studied with Alan Dawson and in Brasil with Claudio Caribé. He dived in, in the brazilian rhythmic, by playing in Samba schools, Carnaval blocks and in Candomblé “terreiros”. After maturing his mudicality, he spent ten years playing in duo with the flautist Odette Ernest Dias. In an oportunity, the musician Egberto Gismonti got excited by the project and produced a record with the whole duo repertory.
In the last few years, Rutigliano too idealyzed a series of tributes to great songs, among which the tribute to Bill Evans , Edu Lobo, Luiz Eça, Astor Piazzolla, Coltrane and Charlie Parker, playing it with musicians like Nivaldo Ornelas and Widor Santiago.
Among a lot of others concerts, in 2018 Rutigliano, after living in Rio for thirty years, presented in front of a crowd in Sala Cecília Meireles the concert “De Villa Lobos a Piazzolla” with the musicians Fernanda Canaud, Marcelo Martins and Alexandre Carvalho.
This year in Argentina he presented the “Afro Trio” together with Ricardo Nolé and Matias Gonzalez, and “Piazzolla in Brooklin” with Pablo Aslan and Abel Rogantini.
In this new album “Vida Mia” we can listen to five original compositions with a Latin style, proper to jazz, and with a Brazilian music landscape together with unseen arrengments for the Osvaldo Fresedo classic “Vida Mia” which gives name to this project and to Astor Piazzolla’s Verano Porteño” too.
In this album, the musicians José Arimatea (trompete), Luiz Otávio (piano) Bernardo Bosisio (guitarra), Sergio Barrozo (contrabaixo), Didac Tiago (percussão) and Roberto Rutigliano (drums and direction) are playing magnificently.

Track Listing

  1. Vida mia
  2. Um dia em Bacaxá
  3. Francisca 12
  4. Doménica
  5. Terra Idílica
  6. Saturnina
  7. Verano Porteño

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