Noemi Nuti

Venus Eye (Ubuntu)

On Venus Eye, Noemi Nuti channels inspiration from iconic singer-songwriters such as Joni Mitchel, Paul Simon and Billy Joel and combines this with improvisational flair as inspired by leading jazz artists artists such as Esperanza Spalding, while adding textures and rhythms leant and developed from her favourite Brazilian artists such as Antonio Carlos Jobim and Milton Nascimento. The result of this is truly intriguing and undoubtedly a progressive development of her signature sound. An early indicator that top quality jazz is alive and thriving as we enter a new decade!

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Noemi Nuti (vocals)
Chris Eldred (piano)
Tom Herbert (bass)
Emiliano Caroselli (drums)
Gareth Lockrane (Flutes)

Track Listing

  1. 1. Sunny Perfect Sunday
  2. 2. Beautiful Life
  3. 3. For What I See
  4. 4. Hush The Sadness
  5. 5. Cornflake Girl
  6. 6. Italian Lullaby
  7. 7. I Will Remeber
  8. 8. Uberwench
  9. 9. Crazy Dance
  10. 10. Nevermind
  11. 11. She's Always A Woman

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