Vegetables (Lumo Records)

LINA ALLEMANO is a Canadian trumpeter, composer, improviser and bandleader with an active international career primarily in improvised, jazz and experimental settings. She splits her time between TORONTO and BERLIN and is recognized as one of the leading innovative trumpeters on the scene today. Her longtime cutting-edge acoustic quartet LINA ALLEMANO FOUR is known internationally for their inventiveness, playfulness, and synergy as they deftly blur the line between composition and improvisation. On the group’s newest and 6th release, VEGETABLES, the agile chamber-jazz quartet weaves their way through Allemano’s distinctive compositions with elegance, softly-burbling energy, maturity and intimacy.

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Lina Allemano, trumpet / Brodie West, alto saxophone / Andrew Downing, double bass / Nick Fraser, drums.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Onions
  2. 2. Beans
  3. 3. Champignons
  4. 4. Brussel Sprouts, Maybe Cabbage
  5. 5. Oh Avocado
  6. 6. Leafy Greens

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