Jean-Michel Leblanc

Variétés Narratives (Independant)

As a composer, Jean-Michel Leblanc synthesizes his hard rock roots with his passion for cinematic music and his love of modern pop with his fascination of contemporary classical music. As a guitarist, his style mixes efficient simplicity and refined lines, soft harmonies and incisive textures, in a spectrum in which Johann Sebastian Bach and Eddie Van Halen constitute the polar opposites. The original music featured on his debut album “Variétés Narratives”, being generated from concepts of cinematic form and storytelling, synthesizes an equilibrium between accessibility and complexity in way that will you remind of your favorite novels.

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Olivier Guertin - drums
Yannick Anctil - piano
Mathieu McConnell-Enright - upright bass
Claire Devlin - saxophone

Track Listing

  1. Wilding
  2. L'oeil
  3. Axel y Daniel
  4. True Love
  5. Conscience Sensorielle
  6. Jepeto
  7. Bye Bye/Folk

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