Nikol Bóková

Unravel (Animal Music)

NIKOL BÓKOVÁ is one of the greatest Czech musical talents of recent years. In her work she combines masterful performance and classical training with an outstanding compositional genius. Her debut album “Inner Place” brought her a nomination for the Anděl Award for the best jazz album of 2019. Her classical repertoire stretches from Baroque to contemporary music. Bóková regularly appears with various Czech orchestras on stages as well as giving solo recitals. Together with artist Jan Vala she collaborates on CATAPLASM, a project which combines the world of classical music with her own work.

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Bóková’s musical partners with whom she has collaborated on two albums so far (INNER PLACE, 2019 and UNRAVEL, 2020), are MARTIN KOCIÁN and MICHAŁ WIERZGOŃ.

MARTIN KOCIÁN – acoustic bass

Track Listing

  1. Vítězslav Novák – Ballade after Byron’s Manfred op. 2
  2. Nikol Bóková – Manfred (inspired by Novák’s Ballade op. 2)
  3. Tomas Svoboda – Bagatelles “In a Forest” op. 42 no. 1 “Trails”
  4. Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff – Sonata op. 36 no. 2 (revised edition)
  5. Allegro agitato
  6. Non allegro – Lento
  7. Allegro molto
  8. Nikol Bóková – Sergej (inspired by Rachmaninoff’s Sonata op. 36 no. 2)
  9. Tomas Svoboda – Eulogy op. 146 for Piano (acoustic bass arranged by Nikol Bóková)
  10. Nikol Bóková – Erich (inspired by Korngold’s "Hard Times" op. 19)
  11. Erich Wolfgang Korngold – What the Forest Tells no. 1 “Awakening of Birds in the Morning”
  12. Nikol Bóková – Golden (inspired by Korngold’s What the Forest Tells no. 1)
  13. Maurice Ravel – Sonatine
  14. Modéré
  15. Mouvement de Menuet
  16. Animé
  17. Nikol Bóková – Unravel (inspired by Ravel’s Sonatine)

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