Vasco Trilla /Unmoved Mover

Unmoved Mover (Fundacja Sluchaj)

“Vasco Trilla is a masterful visionary sonic alchemist, a sound painter of subtlety and grace. His work has a great capacity for stillness and space, qualities both rare and much needed in these chaotic overstimulated times. These are healing deep breath percussive meditations channeled by Señor Trilla direct from Spirit as a blessing for mind and soul.” Ra Kalam Bob Moses

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Vasco Trilla -Timpani and Gong

Track Listing

  1. 1-Unmoved Mover
  2. 2-Hylomorphism
  3. 3-Ousia
  4. 4-Living Bodies
  5. 5-Nous
  6. 6-Hylozoism
  7. 7-Celestial Spheres
  8. 8-Causeless Cause

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