Lamont Butler

Ungodly War (Al Kent’s Heavenly Edit) / Get Up And Praise The Lord 7” (Miles Away Records)

Ungodly War is one of the many stand outs from our 2020 reissue of Lamont Butler’s one and only album It’s Time For A Change Taking inspiration from jazz, soul and funk, Ungodly War is a dynamic track recorded some 50+ years ago in Louisville, Kentucky.

“People have always loved that track (Ungodly War), people would always want to talk to me about it and you know it’s more relevant now than ever before…it’s stood the test of time” – Lamont Butler

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Lamont Butler - Ungodly War (Al Kent's Heavenly Edit) / Get Up And Praise The Lord 7”

Track Listing

  1. Side A - Ungodly War (Al Kent's Heavenly Edit)
  2. Side B - Get Up And Praise The Lord

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