Try the Veal (Solidtone Recordings)

TRi/O is a collaborative groove-based contemporary jazz & funk outing from three like-minded New York musicians: Steve Shapiro on vibraphone and mallet keyboards, virtuoso 5-string bassist Dave Anderson, and drummer Tyger MacNeal. A unique concept and original repertoire sets the group apart in the genres of jazz, percussion, and electronic music – especially through experimentation with customized live-loops and the electronic mallet controller, allowing the band to explore progressive new territory. TRi/O’s latest album “Try The Veal” documents the power of groove, communication, and interaction from three musicians having a blast creating their own joyful musical story.

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Steve Shapiro - vibraphone, electric mallet keyboards

Dave Anderson - electric bass

Tyger MacNeal - drums

Track Listing

  1. Thanks But No Thanks 3:12 (Steve Shapiro - Vibraphonic Music/BMI)
  2. Hypotenuse 4:25 (Steve Shapiro - Vibraphonic Music/BMI)
  3. Vienna 4:43 (Billy Joel - Almo Music Corp)
  4. Ennui 6:45 (Steve Shapiro - Vibraphonic Music/BMI)
  5. When The World Is Running Down 5:17 (Sting - Virgin Music Ltd.)
  6. The Cat 3:12 (Lalo Schifrin - Primary Wave Tunes)
  7. Dad The Bad 4:41 (Steve Shapiro - Vibraphonic Music/BMI)
  8. Le Poulet 4:25 (Pee-Wee Ellis - Golo Publishing)

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