Seth Weaver Big Band

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Seth Weaver is an award winning trombonist, vocalist, composer, arranger, and educator based in New York City. Originally from Franklin, TN, Seth was already playing and singing professionally in Nashville while still in high school. He completed a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies from the University of North Texas in 2013, and a Master’s degree in Jazz Studies at the Manhattan School of Music in 2015. Described as a “youthful trombone firebrand pelting NYC with deliciously soulful hard bop” by Michael Dease, international acclaimed jazz trombonist, Seth has quickly established himself as a new voice in NY.

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Lucas Dodd
Alex Lore
Sam Dillon
Lukas Gabric
Eitan Gofman
Nick Grinder
Corey Wallace
Peter Nelson
James Borowski
John Lake
Nolan Tsang
Andrew Neesley
Oskar Stenmark
Aleksi Glick
Addison Frei
Marty Kenney
Nolan Byrd
Seth Weaver

Track Listing

  1. The Hudson
  2. What If
  3. Here's That Rainy Day
  4. Frost
  5. Red
  6. On a Clear Day
  7. The Last Hour of February
  8. It Could Happen To You

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