Waves de Aché

Triptych Continuum (Will Strickler Music)

Making minds and bodies move since 2018, Waves de Aché is the musical journey of a couple Ohio boys raised on rock and hip-hop, who studied jazz and then fell in love with the music of Cuba Rooted in tradition, yet looking to the future, Waves de Aché stays true to themselves while diving deep into the multitude of musical cultures across the Americas. Having released an instrumental album titled Forward Motion in spring 2019, Waves de Ache is excited to announce their upcoming album features emcee Eric Rollin, singer Devin Copfer and guitarist Zakk Jones as guest artists.

Out Now
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Eric Rollin - vocals/rap
Devin Copfer - vocals
Zakk Jones - guitar
Kevin O'Neill - saxophone
Tommy Lehman - trumpet
Ben Maloney - piano
Will Strickler - bass
Max Marsillo - percussion
Zach Compston - drums

Track Listing

  1. 1 - Get It
  2. 2 - Magnolia
  3. 3 - Keepin' On
  4. 4 - Vamp Thang
  5. 5 - Stargazer [intro]
  6. 6 - Stargazer
  7. 7 - Stargazer [outro]
  8. 8 - What Was

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