Arnaud Dolmen

Tonbé Lévé (N/A)

Arnaud Dolmen is among the most acclaimed jazz artist and drummer of his generation. Jazzwise magazine describes him as “a masterstroke.” His work was recognized by Terence Blanchard. Tonbé Lévé, the drummer’s debut album, is a resounding success. Focused on a contemporary jazz aesthetic, this opus is a mix of Caribbean rhythms and more precisely of Gwoka, traditional music from Guadeloupe (his native island). The guests including renowned genious as Lionel Loueke and Mario Canonge. His honors include Best Jazz New Artist by the French Jazz Magazine, Artist to look out by the UK Jazzwise magasine.

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« A masterstroke » – Jazzwise Magazine
« Top album of the month » – Mezzo TV
« Best new artist of 2017 » – Jazz Magazine
« Outstanding » – TSF JAZZ Radio
« Masterful » – FIP Radio
« To urgently listen » – Les Inrockuptibles

The eminent French jazz pianist (named Artist of the Year at the last french Victoires du Jazz), writer and composer Laurent de Wilde is already convinced of the success of Arnaud and makes it clear by saying "not content of being an outstanding drummer, Arnaud Dolmen is an intense and inspired composer. Undoubtedly, people will have to deal now with this inescapable musician”.

Caribbean, family, and hope are the three major themes explored by the jazzman. His music is a call to perseverance. An almost insolent optimism to never let the life’s experiences knock us down. Arnaud Dolmen, the conductor with two chopsticks, delivers this message: The dizziness of life is a strength.
The drummer offers to “Tonbé Lévé” an abstract, unique and representative dimension of our world. His transcendent notes defend not one identity but multiples identities. Thus, testifying of the multicultural mixing with a solid caribbean roots, of which is proud this leader.

Current groups he is affiliated with: Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Somi, Alfredo Rodriguez, Naïssam Jalal, Mario Canonge, David Linx and many others.

Notable recording he has been on:
Arnaud Dolmen - Tonbé Lévé
Jacques Schwarz-Bart - Jazz Racine Haïti
Naïssam Jalal - Almot
Munir Hossn- Made in Nordeste
Mario Canonge - Zouk Out
+ 55 others albums

Referrals of artists he has worked with: Lionel Loueke, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Mario Canonge.

Booking Management: Arnaud Granet (Artists: SEUN KUTI & EGYPT 80, ARCHIE SHEPP, CHUCHO VALDES.).
Public Relations: Yasmyn Camier

Other companies he endorses: Gretsch drums, Sunhouse, Jenda Arts

The album was recorded at Studio Les Bruères (France) in November 2015 by Tony Paeleman, mixed by Boris Darley and mastered by Pierre Vandeweater. It is entirely produced by Arnaud Dolmen himself.

On the 13 tracks entirely composed by the guadeloupean prodigy (except for “Sonjé Joj“ track), five renowned international guests brighten up the album: Mario Canonge, Lionel Loueke, Fanm Ki Ka, Erik Pédurand and Cynthia Abraham.

Track Listing

  1. Expérience One
  2. Tèt Kolé
  3. Tonbé Lévé
  4. Tou Sèl Mè
  5. Intro Sonjé Joj
  6. Sonjé Joj
  7. S'en Souvenir Pour Devenir (Interlude)
  8. Karubé
  9. Zetliyo
  10. Mèsi La Fanmi Part 1
  11. Mèsi La Fanmi Part 2
  12. Mèsi La Fanmi Part 3
  13. La Habana Kreyol

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