Bruno Tocanne

Tocanne – Blesing “L’impermanence du doute” (Petit Label)

“The impermanence of doubt”
Alain BLESING (guitar) and Bruno TOCANNE (drums) decided to record this record as a DUO at Lakanal – Montpellier for Le PETIT LABEL in November 2019 After many common adventures, including a memorable tour of more than 40 concerts through the Siberia in trio with the trumpeter Fred ROUDET (2016) and the two albums OVER THE HILLS and MAD KLUSTER (+ Benoît KELLER), the desire to meet face to face naturally arose Bruno Tocanne, after having imagined and defended the two projects OVER THE HILLS , then SEA SONG (E) S

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Bruno Tocanne (dms)
Alain Blesing (guit)

Track Listing

  1. 1/ Night train
  2. 2/ Triades memories
  3. 3/ Les sauts de l'ange
  4. 4/ Meat balls blues
  5. 5 /Bugs conversaton
  6. 6/ Demain n'est jamais certain
  7. 7/ in D
  8. 8/ L'impermanece du doute
  9. 9/ L'ivresse du crabe
  10. 10/ Trabizon

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