Brendan Rothwell

Time On My Hands (Brendan Rothwell)

Brendan Rothwell is an accomplished Canadian bassist, composer, and producer. He believes in bucking the trend of the bass being in the background, preferring to optimize the tone, scale, feeling and musicality of the instrument.

His playing demonstrates meaning and depth Brendan describes the 1986 album from Miles Davis, Tutu, featuring the great Marcus Miller, as the trigger and driving force for his decision to play the bass.

The art of business and leadership is inextricably linked in all of Brendan’s projects, and he firmly believes in applying a business mindset to the industry of music.

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BRENDAN ROTHWELL: Basses, Keyboards, Guitar, Programming
POOGIE BELL: Drums, Track 02
SHELDON ZANDBOER: Piano/Synth/Programming, Tracks 04 & 05
LUC DESHARNAIS: Pedal Steel, Tracks 03 & 05
CHRIS BAILEY: Drums, Track 04
CHRIS ANDREW: Synth/Additional Piano, Tracks 02 & 06

WRITTEN, PRODUCED, RECORDED & MIXED BY: Brendan Rothwell in Calgary, AB.

Track Listing

  1. Intro (Wake The Bass) 1:19
  2. This Is The Love 3:28
  3. Time On My Hands 5:53
  4. Decade 4:39
  5. The King 4:30
  6. Smooth 5:27
  7. Outro (Stories) 3:05

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