blood drum spirit

time changes (self-produced)

blood drum spirit is an American Jazz quartet that brings a new global vision to music, reaching deeply into the history of African American traditions and integrating complex rhythmic, timbral, melodic, and harmonic structures into new soundscapes and arrangements of jazz classics based on songs and rhythms from India, West Africa, China, the Philippines, and around the globe. Influenced by royal’s experiences in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe, they give to others through performance, teaching, and sharing music and dance of the world’s peoples, with a focus on jazz.

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david bindman, tenor and soprano saxophones, and flute
wes brown, contrabass
art hirahara, piano
royal hartigan drumset and donno hourglass drum

Track Listing

  1. Hits;
  2. Donno Ntoaso;
  3. Freedom Jazz Dance;
  4. The Betrayal;
  5. Drum Solo for Mr. Adams, Mr. McBrowne, Mr. Roach, Mr. Jarvis, Mr. Blackwell;
  6. James and Hazel;
  7. Bewaa;
  8. Silent Spaces;
  9. If Only.........;
  10. Fontomfrom Suite;
  11. Naima.
  12. Circle of Creation / Adzohu Suite;
  13. Dancing on the Drums;
  14. Longing (A Boy and a Beauty);
  15. Penteng;
  16. The Look;
  17. Blues for Mister Charlie and Miss Ann;
  18. St. Louis Blues; Lift Every Voice and Sing;
  19. Syrinx;
  20. High Fly.

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