Bartosz Hadala Group

Three Short Stories (Self-released)

Bartosz Hadala moved to Toronto in 2010 and began to focus on writing material for a follow-up release. In time, new compositions took shape, and Hadala started to assemble his first electric band. It had been a decades-long dream to pay tribute to his idol, Chick Corea. In the vibrant Toronto music scene, Hadala found players who were able to turn his compositions into powerful works of art. Together with a remarkable group of talented artists, Hadala entered the studio to record “Three Short Stories”, an album which contributing musician Michael Manring called “true 21st-century creative improvised music”.

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Bartosz Hadala, piano/keys,
Luis Deniz on alto saxophone,
Eric St-Laurent on guitar,
Brad Cheeseman on bass guitar,
Marito Marques on drums and percussion.

Guest appearances:
Kelly Jefferson on soprano saxophone,
Michael Manring on bass guitar,
João Frade on accordion.

Track Listing

  1. Prologue - Slow To Anger (Michael Manring solo bass) 3:29
  2. True North X 5:34
  3. Once Upon a Time (feat. Kelly Jefferson) 6:15
  4. Monk's Unfinished Symphony 4:37
  5. Longing 6:21
  6. Slow to Anger 5:49
  7. EST 4:41
  8. A Letter to My Father (feat. Kelly Jefferson) 4:49
  9. Three Short Stories 5:52
  10. Itsy-Bitsy Spider Blues 3:43
  11. Preludejavu 5:18
  12. Epilogue: Once Upon a Time (feat. João Frade) 6:12

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