Michael Valeanu / Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind (Self Released)

Recorded in Manhattan in the end of 2020, Three of a Kind is the first eponymous album of a three-headed group comprised of some of the best French Jazz musicians living in New York City, who surprisingly had never really played together before: guitarist Michael Valeanu, saxophonist Jon Boutellier and bassist Clovis Nicolas. The intimacy of the trio, deprived of any percussion instrument, creates an ideal environment from which each musician’s unique sound is revealed with clarity and transparency. In their three way conversation, each syllable, sound or silence weaves a music created by three composers.

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Michael Valeanu - Guitar
Clovis Nicolas - Bass
Jon Boutellier - Tenor Saxophone

Track Listing

  1. 8. Reminiscing in Tempo ( Duke Ellington ).mp3
  2. 1. Miroirs ( M.Valeanu ).mp3
  3. 2. Trey of Hearts ( Thad Jones ).mp3
  4. 3. Yatchan ( J.Boutellier ).mp3
  5. 4. Dime Algo ( C.Nicolas ) .mp3
  6. 5. A Little Something ( Michael Valeanu ).mp3
  7. 6. Sonar ( M.Valeanu ).mp3
  8. 7. Minor Thing ( C.Nicolas ).mp3

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